48÷8(14-8) = ? Is it PEMDAS or BODMAS?

Abo Aondofa Ephraim explained that In Mathematics, we do operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These operations are performed by a certain rule or say there is an order of operation. PEMDAS rule is one of the rules which is exactly equal to BODMAS rule. The full form of PEMDAS is given below:P – Parentheses [{()}]E – Exponents (Powers and Roots)MD- Multiplication and Division(left to right) (× and ÷)AS – Addition and Subtraction(left to right) (+ and -)whereas the full form of BODMAS is – Brackets Order Division Multiplication Addition and Subtraction.PEMDAS term is used mainly in the US but in other countries like Nigeria, India and the UK, we call it as BODMAS.BUT THERE IS JUST NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO.The order of operations for brackets, orders, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division remain the same for both the rules.https://fb.watch/9R81s_Fj3_/

Published by Abo Aondofa Ephraim


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