Why you should have a lesson plan as a teacher.

If you are an online or in person teacher, it will be good to have a lesson plan because it will be helpful for many reasons. A lesson plan is essentially a step-by-step guide detailing exactly what you will do throughout the course of the lesson. It is an important way of ensuring the lesson is coherent and achieves its final objective(s).

But that’s not the only important purpose. Your lesson plan needs to motivate your students to learn. Because motivation is so important in teaching and learning, remember that a key purpose of a lesson plan is to motivate your learners to learn.

For most schools, lesson planning is a formal requirement but there’s not necessarily one method of lesson planning which is considered universal.

Ideally your school should have a general procedure, partly because if you are absent for any reason another teacher can understand exactly what you were intending to do and can carry that out with as little confusion as possible when you call on them.

Published by Abo Aondofa Ephraim


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