Thank you for your interest in supporting this work.

Monetary support helps to keep the learning going

What are funds used for?
1. Video and content creation projects
Donations will be used towards the continuation of our current series of content creation and to allow us to create new ones for learners to benefit from when they sign up.
We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our content expanding our team and upgrading our website and the work space and so donations are useful in this aspect.

2. Compensation for teachers 
Some of our contents are made possible through the participation of other teachers, some of them volunteer their time to send in their contents and to assist. We do our best to give them a token of appreciation for their time and effort
3. Live classes
We want to keep live classes subscription fees as low as possible or possibly at zero level so, your donation will be part of this idea and will go a long way to benefit learners.

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